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Big Data Analysis

In past  years  marketing companies collected large amounts of data from many sources to create models that selected the most likely customer prospects. Marketing offers were then sent to those selected.  The process of data extraction, analysis, and preparation took weeks to prepare and more weeks to execute. By t market database that can be used to analyze, select, and create offers in a day or lehe time the process was finished the initial marketing opportunity was gone. These days thanks to advances in Big Data technologies it is possible to create a ready toss.  Through frequent monitoring of call center, website, and social media activities businesses can customize offers in seconds and optimize the offers over time by tracking responses. This is just one example of finding value in Big Data. There are many other ways that Big Data can create business opportunities. Please call us for more information.


Cloud Migration and Deployment

Are you ready for the Cloud? If so, our Cloud migration specialists can help you select and deploy a Cloud solution that will fit your business environment. They will also explain usage and features to ensure that you get value from the system. We are skilled at deploying Software, Infrastructure, and Platform Service models. Our Cloud management experience includes Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Azure, and various other Cloud based systems. Migrating to the Cloud will give your business more flexibility and improve productivity. Our Cloud solutions are Agile, Reliable, and Cost Effective. Please give us a call for more information.

Desktop Services
• Setup and Repair
• Hardware Refresh
• Malware Removal
• Application Support
• Backup and restore

Server Services
• Installation and Repair
• AD Management
• VM Deployment
• Email Management
• Security Management

Network Services
• Design and Setup
• Wi-Fi Deployment
• Device Configuration
• Firewall Security
• VoIP and IP Phones

Consulting Services
• Project Management
• IT/Business Research
• Moble Device
• Email/Data Migration
• Process Analysis

IT Services

IT Services

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