COVID-19 has changed how we work. Working from the office believed to be critical to the work culture, productivity, and sales was quickly changed to working from home. Some were surprised by how fast technology such as video conferencing and electronic collaboration were adapted by the home worker. When questioned most staff said that enjoyed working from home. Productivity was in some cases higher when working from home compared to office work before COVID-19. Businesses also saved money since office space was not needed at the time. But what will happen post COVID-19 as businesses start to reopen?
My guess is that some staff members will continue to work from home and the others will return to the office. There will be some technology changes either way. The remote workers will need to maintain a solid Internet connection at their location and be able to access the business network resources and to communicate with team members and customers. The office staff will most likely have to wear masks and maintain social distancing while working and using the office technology.
The office is were the biggest IT challenge will be. First, the office environment will need to be controlled so that air circulates and maybe a certain temperature might need to be maintained. The office network might need to be upgraded to support incoming connections from the remote workers. This will be critical if the apps and files are hosted at the office. It might be necessary to have a primary and secondary Internet connection. The office computers will need to be good ones that require very little maintenance. Any computers and other equipment that is shared by office staff will need to be sanitized after each use. It might be better to eliminate shared computers and equipment. The office network infrastructure will need to support social distancing because office furniture and such might need to be relocated. The office reopening will require planning and organization. This is something we should be looking at right now. What are your thoughts?

By Ken

I been in the industry for around 30 years. There have been many changes since I started as an Electronics Tech. I have witnessed technology change from using magnetic tapes to load programs to where we are at now. I really feel blessed to have been part of the change. I have worked for many companies most of them start-ups in the San Jose area. My education includes a BS in Internet Security and a Masters in IT project management. I love showing others how to use technology.

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