COVID-19-19 has caused disruption in many industries. The IT industry has been hit hard due to the fall in the economy. Companies have been forced to let their employees work remotely from home due to the public health concerns. Some IT companies depend on international dealers to supply their product parts and materials. But those opportunities were lost due to COVID-19. However, the IT industry’s market is projected to increase by 131 Billion between now and the year 2025. The reason being is there will be a high demand for software, social media platforms, and teleconferencing tools to support the public, doctors and others who will still be working remotely after COVID-19. Some companies do not plan to let their workers work in the office even post COVID-19. The pandemic has presented some IT challenges. Some technologies that were considered a commodity before CONVID-19, have now become a necessity. Internet and computer availability are in some cases life critical. Technology provides the communication infrastructure for the public and is helping keep us safe during the crisis. In the next post we will look at post COVID-19 technology challenges.

By Ken

I been in the industry for around 30 years. There have been many changes since I started as an Electronics Tech. I have witnessed technology change from using magnetic tapes to load programs to where we are at now. I really feel blessed to have been part of the change. I have worked for many companies most of them start-ups in the San Jose area. My education includes a BS in Internet Security and a Masters in IT project management. I love showing others how to use technology.

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