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Are you ready for the Cloud? Cloud Technology is used to deliver IT as a service via the Internet . All the is required to receive the services are an Internet connected computer or mobile device. The IT services include email, storage, networking, servers, etc... in the past these IT services were provided by expensive customer purchased equipment installed and maintained on site. Most small and medium sized business did not have the resources to buy and maintain the onsite equipment. Cloud Technology has changed that because the equipment is maintained at the cloud providers location. The Cloud IT services are subscription based and easy to add or remove. No long term contract or expensive equipment to purchase. The Cloud IT services can be accessed from anywhere. This helps the business to be Agile and able to quickly respond to business opportunities. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a free Cloud asssessment for your business.

The markets of today are driven by large amounts of ever-changing market information such as transactions, supply and demand, pricing, customer feedback, and other market activity. The markets also change often sometimes causing disruptions and sometimes presenting opportunities. To be competitive organizations must be Agile to quickly interpret market information and take immediate action if need be. Agile organizations can change with the market, make fast decisions, and produce high quality product or services for their customers. The organization information system must also be Agile. IT Agility is achieved by transforming an underutilized IT infrastructure into one that responds quickly to the business requests. The leaner IT infrastructure can easily adapt to market changes, quickly respond to change requests, deliver on-demand IT services, help reduce costs, improve customer service, and support all of the other business activities. Please contact us for more information.

IT Busines Alignment occurs when an organizations information system is aligned with its business goals. We feel that IT can be leveraged to support your business goals. Your Information system should be designed around your business and able support all  business activities such as marketing, customer management, accounting, record keeping, human resources, payroll, development, and production. We understand business and can work with you to  design and implement an Agille information system that will support the existing business goals and can be quickly adjusted to support new ones.

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